Battle EngageEdit

  • "What??! How I miss this!?" (ambushed)
  • "Twiggy saw them coming far off." (upper hand)
  • "Twiggy spy you. Now die, you!"
  • "Look. There the enemy."
  • "They strong, we stronger!! Hahaha!"
  • "Uh oh." (difficult battle? boss?) 
  • "Whee whee!"
  • "Hahahahaha!"

Battle EndEdit

  • "Twiggy just doing his job."
  • "That will earn Twiggy 'Employee of the Year'" (difficult battle? last hit?)
  • "Twiggy think he need a raise after that!!" (difficult battle)
  • "Run, run, run away! Come fight another day!!!" (flee battle)
  • "Twiggy just leave now. Bye bye!" (flee battle)
  • "My allegiance for Mandrake, my king!"
  • "Whee whee!"
  • "Hahahahaha!!!"

Hit (omitting general sounds)Edit

  • "No, no, no!!!"
  • "Everything hurts." (critical)
  • "Little help for Twiggy?" (low health)
  • "Whew!! I so tired." (low health)
  • "Can't... fly.... anymore..." (death)

Attack (omitting general sounds)Edit

  • "Take that!"
  • "Twiggy hit you!!"
  • "Prepare!!" (special attack?)
  • "Take this!!!" (combo)
  • "And this!" (combo)
  • "And don't forget this!!!" (combo finish)
  • "How you like this!?" (special attack?)
  • "On guard!" (co op? special attack?)
  • "I punish you!" (crit attack?)
  • "For my king!" (finishing blow?)
  • "Twiggy attack!!"
  • "Just die!!!" (finishing blow)

Comrade DeathsEdit

  • "Cicuta!"
  • "General!" (Dagda death)
  • "Gharab!"
  • "My king!" (Mandrake death)
  • "Miharu!"
  • "Oleander!"
  • "Shi!"
  • "Thorne!"
  • "Ok, I think you die now!"
  • "You made big, huge, bad mistake!!"
  • "Twiggy never forgive you!"

Item UsageEdit

  • "It make all the difference." (give and receive assistance/item)
  • "Twiggy forever in debt to you." (receive assistance/item)
  • "Have some!!" (use item)
  • "Twiggy think you need this." (use item on ally)
  • "Ta da!!!" (use item)
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (receive assistance/item)
  • "We get more this later." (use item)