The Common Virus is the 5th episode of Season 1 of Epic: The Series.


When M.K. tells her friends that she's allowed to bring a guest to school with her, Venus tags along. But a sick boy sneezes on her, giving her his stomach virus by accident.

Meanwhile Mandrake takes Ozzy on his walk.


M.K. tells Mandrake that her teacher was allowing her to bring a guest to school that day, and asked him if he wanted to come, but he declined.

So M.K. asks Venus, who accepts the offer. Venus uses some of M.K.'s clothes, and learns about school-related things, such as the transportation.

When they arrive, M.K. introduces Venus to two of her friends Misty and Kelly, who greet Venus nicely.

At lunch, Venus tells Misty and Kelly about her occupation as the Solar People princess, and asks them to keep it a secret. They agree to do so. Then Misty asks Venus if she has a boyfriend, which she says yes too. Then she draws a sketch of Mandrake and shows it to them, who think he's cute.

Then a boy sneezes on Venus, then apologizes to her as he walks away. Venus isn't upset about it, although Misty remarked that what he did was rude.

Meanwhile, Mandrake was watching TV, and Bomba asks him if he can take Ozzy on his walk in half an hour, which Mandrake unenthusiastically agrees to.Then while Mandrake let Ozzy run wild in the fenced-up park, a guy asks him if Ozzy was his dog. Mandrake says that he wasn't, he was his friend's, and that she had school that day. The guy asks him if she was his girlfriend, which Mandrake annoyedly says no to, then says that one of her friends was his girlfriend.

After a bit, Mandrake sees some bigger dogs bullying Ozzy, so he marches over, and defends him, scaring the bigger dogs away as he did so. He decides to take Ozzy home, saying the dogs 'weren't worth it.'

After they get home, Mandrake asks Dagda if the girls were back, but Dagda says they aren't. Mandrake annoyedly asks how long the 'school thing' lasted. Nod says that it went until 3PM, and Dagda pipes up that it was a bit past 3, and asks his father if he was worried about Venus. When Mandrake says he is, Nod teasingly calls him overprotective, which results in Mandrake getting angry and yelling at him.

Meanwhile with the girls, M.K., Misty, Kelly, and Venus arrive at the mall after school was out. All except Venus, who was feeling weird, went into [Forever 21]. They come out a while later, and M.K. asks Venus if she was feeling better, but she says she isn't. So M.K. borrows Misty's mother's car to take Venus back to her place.

When she went in, Mandrake asked her if she was okay, immediately after seeing her moaning and holding her stomach. After a bit, she runs into the bathroom, and empties her stomach in there.

Then she decides to go to sleep early, so Mandrake carries her into the guest room, and sits on the bed with her. Then after he used the bathroom, Mars gave him a small bowl of chicken soup she made for him to give to Venus, which he carefully does.

After she eats some, she sets the bowl on the nightstand, and decides to get some sleep. Mandrake decides to leave her alone to get some sleep, and tells her to holler if she needs him, and he goes into the livving room where Dagda and Mars are. They ask her how Venus was, and he says that she was still sick, and that she just went to sleep.

After they bitterly talk about the guy that got Venus sick, the said girl calls out Mandrake's name. He gets up, walks in the guest room, and sees her barely awake. She says that she couldn't sleep, as her stomach pains were keeping her awake.

Then she runs into the bathroom, throws up again, and then comes back in the guest room.

Then M.K. comes back home, and asks Venus how she was feeling. Mandrake speaks for her, and says that she wasn't feeling so good. M.K. shows pity, but has to do her homework, so she goes up to her room to do it, after wishing Venus to feel better soon.

When she was gone, Mandrake asks Venus if 'the school place' was fun, which she merely says "It was, I guess." Then Mandrake teasingly asks if it was boring, which she giggles to, and says it was indeed boring. She tells Mandrake about M.K.'s friends.

A while later, a couple hours before bedtime to be exact, Venus decides to attempt get some more sleep with Mandrake after she requests for him to stay with her, which he kindly accepted.

The next morning, Mandrake wakes up, followed by Venus, whose stomach pains had gone down. Mars, who was awake before the couple, offered to make some chicken soup for Venus, who accepts the offer. Then Mandrake asks Venus if anyone besides M.K.'s friends were nice to her. Venus merely says that she was stared at a bit, and that she heard some girls laughing and calling her a freak. Mandrake assures her that she isn't a freak.

Then Venus starts giggling, and Mandrake asks her what was so funny. She tells him about how M.K.'s friends called him cute, which he was surprised about. Then M.K. greets them before she gets in the shower. When she was gone, Mandrake confirms what Venus told him, and she quotes them on what they said.

A while later, M.K. came out of the shower, and greeted the couple before she went off to school. Then after Mandrake asks Venus if she was still okay, she says she is, but was feeling a bit warm and chilly at the time. So Bomba takes her temperature, and says that it was 101, confirming that she had a fever.

Later, M.K. comes back from school, and finds Mandrake and Venus on the couch together. She asks Venus how she was feeling, and she says she was good. Then Mandrake says that she had a fever of 101.

The next morning, Mandrake was again the first to wake up. When Venus wakes up, he asks her how she was feeling, and she says that she was feeling better. M.K., who had just woken up, takes her temperature, and it's 99, confirming that her fever was going down.

Then M.K. asks Venus if she was feeling up to going to school with her, which she says yes to. But as she stands up and is about to follow M.K. up to her room, Mandrake grabs her and pulls her back, refusing to let her get sick again. Venus surrenders, but threatens to tickle him if he orders her around again.


  • This was the 2nd episode written, despite it being the 5th.