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Gender Male
Species Jinn
Origin Moonhaven
Occupation/Status Leafman
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Drake Cervantes
Appears In The Rot

"He’s not a nonconformist incognito, no, while he questions the Leafmen’s arm of ideas well rather vocally and, despite this, remains respected and a role model. Keeping him on task is leading a hundred stubborn horses to water. He makes Nod seem like Teacher’s Pet."
Mandrake on Leafman T[src]

Leafman T is a character in the game adaptation of The Rot.


T's outfit reflects his deviance away from norms. He’s kind of got a more rugged warrior look instead of suited soldier. His bird is thicker, and wears strikingly different armors.

"He wants to make sure everyone knows he is a finger in a crowd of toes," says creator Shi (Dagdasgirl).


T is kind of vain in a way, but is popular among the kids for being "cool". Because of his tendency to question everything, much like Miharu, he seems more like a neutral party. He can't just accept orders. He has to know why he's doing what he's doing and see if it lines up in his head.