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Summer Vacation is the 3rd episode of the 1st season of Epic: The Series.


M.K. and her friends go on a trip for the summer.


Part 1

After being told by Bomba that they were going on a summer vacation, M.K. tells all her friends (Nod, Ronin, Tara, Dagda, Mandrake, Venus, and Mars) and invites them to go with them. They all, except Dagda who watches Ozzy, and Tara, who has to watch over Moonhaven accept the offer.

They all go shopping for vacation clothes at Hot Topic, suggested by Venus, then at Claire's . Venus falls asleep on the way home, and Mandrake confesses to Mars that he loves Venus, and promises Mars that he'll take good care of her.

After they arrive at M.K.'s house, Venus goes to bed in one of the guest rooms almost immediately.

Part 2

Venus wakes up at 6:00 AM, and tries to wake up Mandrake, despite being told by M.K. to wake up at 7. He tells her to get him later, so she comes back 5 minutes later. He tells her to get him in an hour, so she leaves him alone. When they were going to leave at 8, Venus helps M.K. put the suitcases in the car, while Ronin goes to wake up the still sleeping Mandrake.

M.K. tells Venus about their vacation destination, which was Disney's California Adventure. Meanwhile, Ronin drags Mandrake out of bed, literally, after the Boggan leader showed stubbornness, and wouldn't wake up. After he bangs his head on the floor, Mandrake stands up, and walks in the living room himself.

After they change in their new clothes, they pile in the car, and drive to the airport, Mandrake sleeping the whole way. When they arrive, Ronin wakes him up, by honking the car horn, making Mandrake jump, and bang his head on the roof. After they boarded the plane, Mandrake bangs his head on the luggage compartment.

M.K. and Venus tease him about being crabby, and Venus says he was ticklish. After Mandrake denies it, Venus tickles his stomach and ribs to prove him wrong. To get her back, Mandrake tickles Venus on her sides, but M.K. tells them to 'quit tickling each other.' After Venus whines at him when he pokes her side, he calls her a 'little baby,' and Eskimo kisses her nose.

The plane takes off a couple minutes later. When Venus looks out her window, and remarks about how high they were, Mandrake scares her by poking her shoulders, and yelling "Don't fall!" Venus was mad at him for this, and ignores his sweet approaches. After she calls him a jerk, he tickles her ribs, and says that she loves him jokingly.

She then forgives him for scaring her, and hugs him. After she tells him that he's 'still evil,' he tickles her ribs again. Mars makes a remark about how cute Mandrake and Venus were together.

Then Mandrake yells at a kid sitting behind him, after he kicks the back of his seat 3 times. Mandrake gets even angrier when the kid's teenage brother calls him 'freaky.' Venus defends him, but the teen falls in love with her, and offers to take her to dinner at the airport, which she refuses. After he calls Mandrake a freak again, Venus yells that he isn't one. Mandrake tells her to ignore him.

Then the plane lands in California. When Venus runs out of the seat row, she trips over Mandrake's legs by accident, and her head smacks into an armrest. Mandrake goes to her aid immediately. Then the group disembark, and wait for a limo Bomba called for.

When the group are inside the limo, Venus, Mandrake, and Nod try some Coke from the mini-fridge. Mandrake and Nod have a burping contest, then Mandrake asks Venus who she thought was best. Venus says that Nod was best, deciding to annoy Mandrake. After Nod brags to Mandrake, he tickles Venus for revenge. He does so, until she admits that he was better than Nod.

Then, when it was dark out, the limo arrives at the Disney parks entrance. Venus shoots up from her seat in excitement, but bumps her head on the roof, so Mandrake goes to her aid. Then they join the others, as they head for the hotel to check in. Part 3 While her friend check out out the hotel entrance, M.K. calls Dagda to check on him and Ozzy. Then while Bomba was checking them in, Mandrake was looking around the lobby. While he was, a girl named Mildred starts to flirt with him, much to his dismay and annoyance. After the guy at the checkout flirts with the twins, Venus sees Mildred with Mandrake, and shoos her away, much to Mandrake's relief.

He calls her a little sap, so she retorts by calling him a sap back, and poking his ribs. After seeing him laugh from that, Venus starts poking his ribs repeatedly, making him laugh more. After he tells her to stop, Venus does so, but starts tickling his ribs, sides and stomach for revenge for his tickle attack on her in the limo. She does so, until he apologizes for said attack.

Then the group went to their suite. Mandrake sat back on the couch, but Venus pounced on him in excitement. Then when she stood up, Mandrake tickled her sides as punishment for pouncing on him. Venus and the others, except Mandrake and M.K., went to explore the suite.

M.K. teased Mandrake by calling him sweet, when he says that even though Venus drives him crazy, he loves her. Then Venus came back, and told Mandrake that one of the bedrooms had a TV. She led him, or dragged him, to the bedroom to show him. When they were lying on the bed, Venus was about to confess to Mandrake about her fear of heights, but M.K. interrupted, by saying that it was bedtime.

M.K. had Mandrake and Ronin sleep in the same bed, much to their dismay, while Venus slept on the chair. The next morning, the group got ready to go to California Adventure.

Part 4

At the parks entrance, the gang went on the monorail first, as suggested by M.K. Then, when they were at Buena Vista Street, M.K. buys Venus a vanilla ice cream cone, which she let Mandrake taste. Then they rode on a Trolley to the Tower of Terror, and walked to Paradise Pier. They went to Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta for lunch.

Then M.K. called Dagda to check on him and Ozzy again.

After lunch, they went to the Games of the Boardwalk, where Venus decided to play the water gun game. There, they met Mildred again, who was playing the same game. While they were playing, Mildred kicked Venus to the ground, so she could win. Mars, furious, forced her to give the prize she "won," a plush Timothy Mouse, to Venus, who had landed on her head when she fell to the ground.

Mandrake went to her aid when she stood up, while M.K. went to get a drink for her. Then the gang, sans Mars, went on Mickey's Fun Wheel, on one of the stationary gondolas. Afterwards, Mars, Nod, and Venus picked out some Mickey ear hats/headbands from the nearest store. Then Mandrake and Nod went on the roller coaster "California Screamin'." Nod was pumped afterwards, but Mandrake felt sick, and threw up in a trashcan.

Then the gang went back to Buena Vista Street by trolley to decide where to go next. But when they were disembarking from the trolley, Venus was separated from them, by a big group of strangers. She ran around, looking for her friends, until she gave up in Paradise Pier, and cried in frustration in the store.

Meanwhile, Mandrake freaked out when he, and the others realized she was missing. He even blamed Ronin for her disappearance, by yelling in his face. After M.K. told him to stop, he and Mars went out to look for her.

They went back to Paradise Pier, where Mars found Venus in the store, while Mandrake stayed outside. When Mars brought Venus outside, Mandrake squeezed her in a huge hug. After finding out that Venus injured her leg, Mandrake carries her when he and Mars take the trolley back to Buena Vista Street where the others were.

Then the group went to The World of Disney store, where Venus got a Baby Jack Skellington plush, Mars got a Baby Zero Plush, and Mandrake got a Jack Skellington shirt, as suggested by Venus. After they were done, the gang went back to their hotel, where M.K. decided to get some dinner. She, Bomba, Mandrake, and the twins headed for Chipotle via limo.

Part 5

Bomba, M.K., Mandrake, and the twins head back to the hotel, the bag of food in Venus' hands. Mars jokingly reminded her of the last time they were in the limo when Mandrake was tickling her like crazy. Then Mars gave the bag of food to M.K., before Mandrake and Venus got in a tickle fight. Then Mandrake decided that Venus had enough, and gently hugged her, and kissed her forehead.

Soon, the limo arrived at the hotel. so the gang disembarked, and went back to their suite.

A while after they ate, M.K. called Dagda again. Then they decided to go to bed for the night, so Mars and Venus borrowed pajamas from M.K., Mars' being Batman themed, while Venus' were Superman-themed. M.K. was about to decide to do the same sleeping arrangement, but Mandrake refused, saying that he'll sleep with Venus, so M.K. let him do so.

The next morning, M.K. announced that they were going to the beach, so she let the twins borrow a couple of her swimsuits. But Venus said that she wanted hers to be a surprise to Mandrake for when they go. Then the group went to Hot Topic to pick out one for Mandrake. After Nod made 2 ridiculous suggestions, Venus picked out a good pair for him, which he accepted. Then, via limo, they headed for the beach.

A while later, they decided to gather up their things, and head back home, much to Venus' initial disappointment. After they arrived home, they told Dagda all about their trip, while Venus went to bed, greatly fatigued.

Subplot Edit

Dagda watches over Ozzy, while the others are gone. First, he feeds him, before M.K. calls to check on them. Then he takes him for a walk, and gives him a bath that night. But he gets more wet than Ozzy does.


  • This was the 1st episode written out, but is the 3rd episode overall.
  • This is the 1st Epic: The Series special episode.