Mub & Grub
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Gender Male
Species Slug (Mub)
Snail (Grub)
Origin Moonhaven
Occupation/Status Pod Patch Caretakers
Age 14 (Mub)
23 (Grub)
Birthdate July 27 (Mub)
May 12 (Grub)
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Blue (Mub)
Brown (Grub)
Family Unknown
Friends Ronin
Queen Tara
Enemies Mandrake and the Boggans
Love Interest(s) MK (Mub, one-sided on his part)
Lilac (Grub)
Mars (Grub, one-sided on his part, series only)
Voiced By Aziz Ansari (Mub) & Chris O'Dowd (Grub)
Appears In Epic (protagonists/minor)

Epic: The Junior Novel (protagonists/minor)
Epic: The Series
The Rot (antagonists/minor

"Why do you wanna be a Leafman? They gotta wear uniforms. Me, I like to let it all hang free."
"I told you. She doesn't like gaudy, Mub. Unlike you, she's got class."

Mub and Grub are the caretakers of the Pod Patch. They appear in the movie Epic and as recurring characters in Epic: The Series.