Epic the MovieEdit

"Did you find the location of their ceremony?"

"The Leafmen think they can keep us contained. Surround our beautiful island of rot with their hideous green forest."

"Today, we'll show them you just can't stop the rot."

"If the queen dies without an heir, the Leafmen can't regrow anything. The balance swings in our favor forever. Leaving you and me rulers of a desperate, dessicated kingdom."

"You look good in rat. It's... slimming."

"Patience, son. The forest wasn't grown in a day."

"Ha! That's the spirit! You take the pod, I'll take the queen."

"I let you keep your legs."

"There are rumors that the Leafman Ronin was at your place of business, and that he may have rescued a royal pod."

"That 'idiot general'... WAS MY SON!"

"What's it gonna be, Bufo? Are you gonna talk? Or are you gonna croak?"

"Excuse me, but I've lost something very dear to me. It was left by a friend who's... no longer with us."

"Thanks for the tip."

"My son was born on a night like this. These were his baby fangs, and here's the first skin he ever molted! He was big for a larva. He took after his mother."

"... and the Leafmen took him from me! So I took something of theirs. It's basic etiquette. An eye... for an eye."

"Tonight, your pod will bloom here. And when a pod blooms in darkness, it belongs to the darkness. It will become my little dark prince. I'll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save it."

"Ronin! What a surprise, I get so few guests."

"It's alright! Ronin's an old, em... what would you call someone you've known a long time and always wanted to DESTROY!"

"Well, now I'm just embarrassed. I completely over-prepared."

"I'm afraid you'll find getting out is a lot harder than getting in."

"Ooh, this must be the delivery room!"

"My dark prince... come to Daddy..."

"This time, when I leave you for dead, you'll stay that way!"

"What's that little saying you people have? 'Lots of leaves'... something something... very inspiring. But in the end, every leaf falls and dies alone."

"It does in the part I have."

Epic: The Junior NovelEdit

"Good. Then they'll be totally surprised. The Leafmen think they can keep us contained. They try and try and try, but they just can't stop the rot."

"Isn't decay just as natural as growth? Isn't gray just as lovely as green?"

"Today, we fight back. If their queen dies without choosing an heir, the forest dies with her. And who doesn't want that?"

"You get the pod, and I'm going to get the queen."

The RotEdit

The following includes all of Mandrake's spoken quotes from The Rot .

Spoken denotes the words spoken.

Instance denotes the event in which they are spoken.

Percentage denotes the frequency that the quote occurs.

Spoken Instance Percentage
Victory belongs to the Darkness. Battle End/Normal Unknown