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Lilac Colored
Lilac as she appears in Epic
Gender Female
Species Jinn
Origin Moonhaven
Occupation/Status Part-time Pod Patch Caretaker

Full-Time Traveling merchant with Flora

Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Golden brown (fur)
Brown (hair tuft)
Eyes Blue
Family Unknown
Friends Mub
Swan (THC)
Flora and Fauna(THC)
Boggans of Hatehatch (THC)
Enemies Boggans of Wrathwood
Love Interest(s) Grub (crush, movie)
Bufo (crush, novel)
Flora (lover, Epic the movie, THC and other various fanfiction)
Voiced By Kristen Schaal
Appears In The Hatehatch Chronicles (protagonist/major)

"Thank you, I- I made them myself."
―Lilac to Flora when he compliments her clothes [src]

Lilac is a fan character for the movie Epic. She also appears as a major protagonist in The Hatehatch Chronicles, serving as Flora's love interest in both the film and the fanfiction.

Looks & PersonalityEdit

Lilac is a treeshrew-like Jinn with golden-brown fur and a tuft of brown hair. Her clothes look like that of an islander, wearing a choker of pink and yellow flowers and boots which she fashioned herself out of leaves.

She is shy around and eager to please Flora, during the movie and in The Hatehatch Chronicles. When the two finally profess their feelings for each other and become an item, Lilac becomes more relaxed around him. 

She has a very cute and fun-loving personality, as her favorite hobby is exploring. She is also brave, as shown in the movie when she was determined to do whatever it took to rescue Mub and Grub when they were captured by Mandrake.



Flora is Lilac's boyfriend (Later, husband). He meets Lilac during the movie events and compliments her sense of style. Lilac is drawn to him as well, finding him sweet and charming. They become an item and explore the forest and surrounding areas together while selling items at their travelling shop. 

Mub & GrubEdit

Because they are all caretakers of the Pod Patch, Mub and Grub are Lilac's best friends. She is rarely seen without them, except when she is exploring.

The two are quite protective of her, though Mub only sees her as a sister while it's heavily implied that Grub has a crush on her. Lilac, of course, seems to be oblivious to this until the end of the movie, where she shows signs of having feelings for him as well.





It's implied in Epic: The Junior Novel that Lilac may have a slight crush on Bufo, though they barely interact.


  • Lilac was created by Erin Suman's best friend Hari (haridog on Tumblr).
  • On Erin's RP account on Tumblr (poison-shrew), Lilac has allied herself with the Boggans and calls herself Lilium.