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Kalila Slingshot
Gender Female
Species Human/Stomper
Origin British
Occupation/Status Guard
Age In her 20s
Birthdate November 12th
Height/Weight 5ft2/?
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Family Unknown
Friends Twiggy

Shi Dagda Miharu


Enemies Ronin and the Leafmen
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In Unknown

Kalila is a protagonist in the Epic fanon.


Kalila serves as a Guard among Mandrake's ranks. She also often carries with her a slingshot which may be her preferred weapon along with a bone spear.

Since she is not really a fighter as such she mostly tends to use her weapons for defense.

Kalila came from England on a Holiday while visiting a friend. As she hiked through a forest she was greeted by little flying visitor.  Instant reaction Kalila tried to shoo the little creature away, but not wanting to hurt it. The little mosquito's instant defence was to bite. It bit her hand.

Seconds later Kalila started to feel funny and she fainted.. When she woke... she found these creatures surrounding her. Then her life in Wrathwood began.

Looks and PersonalityEdit

Kalila takes the appearance of a girl who has a short spiky hair cut and wears glasses.

At first Kalila was a little shy and moderately nervous towards Mandrake and the Boggans, but she eventually warmed up to them.

She has a kind and sweet personality, is willing to help out, and always puts forth her best effort, however she can be somewhat clumsy as she has actually tripped in front of Mandrake on several occasions.



Twiggy is the first Boggan Kalila met. After all he's the one who bit her in his defense causing to her to go small. Twiggy then takes the shrunken unconscious Stomper back to Wrathwood. Twiggy apologies to her for giving her a nasty bite. But all is forgiven and the two become close friends. Kalila sometimes accompanies Twiggy and Oleander on Guard duty.


Kalila has great respect for Mandrake and somewhat looks up to him. She does her best to please the Boggan leader despite her clumsy flaws.


Just like Mandrake Kalila has great respect for him. She always refers him as Lord Dagda, as like she refers his Father Lord Mandrake.


Shi is a close friend to Kalila. They knew each other before their lifestyle in Wrathwood. It is a fact that Shi was the friend that Kalila planned to visit.


Gruff is a Boggan that Kalila does not get a long with at all. Due to the fact that he likes to tease her a lot and call her pipsqueak, mocking her and laughing at her. She warned him he'll get whats coming to him someday.



  • As well as using tiny rocks and stones with her slingshot, Kalila uses small hollowed out bones filled with toxins, which either numbs the target or puts them to sleep once hit. Though it takes a short while for the toxins to take effect.
  • Kalila is just a nickname given to her.