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Finn Profile
Gender Male
Species Jinn
Origin Unknown
Occupation/Status Leafman captain/second-in-command, Venus' boyfriend
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height/Weight 2 inches
Hair Orange
Eyes Green
Family Unknown
Friends Venus (love interest)

Queen Tara

Enemies Mandrake


Love Interest(s) Venus
Voiced By Tom Wilson
Appears In Epic

Untitled Fanfiction
Epic 2: Return to Moonhaven

Finn is a minor character in the movie Epic.


Finn has pale peach skin, with freckles on his cheeks, orange hair with a small beard on his chin, and green eyes. He is only seen wearing his Leafman armor throughout the whole movie.


He seems serious about his job like Ronin, but not quite to his level. When Nod clumsily flies in, Finn refers to him as Ronin's "star pupil", and after the boy quits, Finn watches him fly away with a wide smile of amazement, until Ronin sees him.



Finn loves Venus with everything in him, and would do anything for her.

In a currently untitled fanfic, some time after she and Mars, at almost 8 years old, are first escorted to Moonhaven by an equally young Nod, Venus falls in love with 15-year-old Finn, although he doesn't return the feelings. As she grows into her late teenage years, an adult Finn starts developing romantic feelings for her. He's a little worried about their rankings in the army interfering with the possibility of pursuing a relationship, not to mention the 7-year age difference between them, but decides that positions and ages mean nothing when love is involved, and starts dating Venus when she's at an appropriate age. Everyone is supportive of their relationship, although Nod enjoys teasing him harmlessly.

In "Epic 2, Return to Moonhaven", he and Venus are still very content together, years after they start going out. According to Nod, they hardly stay away from each other. Although he's not as openly affectionate as she is, he loves her just as much as she loves him. When she's kidnapped by boggans to be Bracken's (Mandrake's brother) queen, Finn is distraught, and tries with everything in him to save her, although he has to protect Moonhaven at the same time. He reunites with Venus, in the infirmary, after Ronin rescues her, where she miraculously recovers from undernourished from weeks of captivity with no food or water. After they're back home, he proposes to her, and they become an engaged couple.




  • Despite Finn's minor role, he's moderately popular in the fandom.
    • One of the biggest fan mysteries of the movie? What his hair looks like.
  • Aside from Nod and Ronin, Finn is the most distinctive Leafman.
  • Finn's name is never mentioned in the movie; it's only in the closing credits.