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Dagda in Epic
Gender Male
Species Boggan
Origin Wrathwood
Occupation/Status Former Boggan General

Former heir to Wrathwood

Age 17 (The Rot)

19 (Epic)

Birthdate May 22
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair None
Eyes Yellow (sclera)

Red-Orange (iris)

Family Mandrake (father)
Cicuta (mother)
Thorne (half-sister)
Friends Venus

Mars (Series)

M.K. (Series)

Nod (Series)

Ronin (Series)

Bomba (Series)

Tara (Series)

Enemies Ronin and the Leafmen (movie, The Rot)

Sunsbane (stepmother)

Love Interest(s) Miharu

Potential LIs for The Rot

Voiced By • Blake Anderson (Epic)

Jason Norris (The Rot)

Appears In Epic (antagonist/minor)

Epic: The Junior Novel (antagonist/minor) • The Rot Manga and Game (protagonist/major)
Epic: The Series
Crimson Butterfly (main character)

"I won't let you down... Dad."

Dagda (also commonly referred to as Crunchynoodle or simply Crunchy) is the son of Boggan Leader Mandrake, the secondary antagonist of the animated film Epic and one of the primary protagonists of its fangame prequel The Rot.

He also appears as a main character in Epic: The Series.


Dagda has pasty pale skin with red accents, yellow-orange eyes, and wide purple lips. In Epic he is seen wearing a rat pelt (using its skull as a helmet) and a tunic underneath. 




Miharu serves as Dagda's canon and main Love Interest throughout the entire The Rot game. Miharu is instantly attracted to Dagda. He, though, is reluctant to accept his feelings for her. In return for her saving his life, Dagda persuades Madrake to spare Miharu's and the two form a very close bond over their adventures together. The two can even be wed in game should the player unlock the event. 



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