Bound To This World is a fanfiction written by Erin Suman. It focuses primarily on Batra's history with Mandrake and the Boggans.



Beatrice finds herself in a strange, foggy part of the forest after running from Moonhaven. Exhausted and without a clue as to where she is or how to get back home, she rests by a muddy stream.

Chapter 1Edit

Beatrice awakens to the sound of bickering and spears being jabbed at her. She turns to see two Boggan guards, who tell her to not ask questions and follow them. As they lead her through the fog, she sees Wrathwood, which, while dark and twisted, she finds beautiful. The guards then tell her to wait and moments later they return, along with Mandrake.

Chapter 2Edit

Mandrake has one of his guards throw Beatrice in the dungeon, saying her execution will have to wait until he is in a "less generous" mood.
(Beatrice reveals her name in this chapter, though not while in the presence of Mandrake)

Chapter 3Edit

(In Progress)