Epic the MovieEdit

"Looks like you do."
- to Nod after he says he doesn't need help

"Um... we are going to help him, right?"

"You can get outta that... I hope."

"I don't think it works that way."
- to Ronin about the Pod Ceremony

"Lilac, grab on!"

"We'll come back for them, just hold on!"
- to Lilac about Mub & Grub

"Yeah... she is."
- to Lilac about MK being a Stomper

"Maybe if you spent more time exploring like Lilac, you would have known him already."
- to Grub about Ronin

"Lean'ya's still just a baby. She can only carry two maximum."

"Step aside, toad."
- to Bufo

"Well, it's nice to meet you, MK. My name is Batra."

"Yeah... nothing..."
- regarding what Ronin says about nothing being able to heal what Mandrake destroys

"Yes, that's great. Now try jumping out!"

"Over here, you oversized rodent."

"We don't have shells, Grub."

"Wait. I have a score to settle..."

"Careful, Nod. Bats need love too."

"No, Mandrake. I won't let you have your way this time."

Epic: The Junior NovelEdit