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Gender Male
Species Boggan
Origin Wrathwood
Occupation/Status Unknown
Age 30 (guesstimate)
Birthdate Unknown
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Yellow
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Ronin and the Leafmen
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In Unknown

Arsen is a character in The Rot.


Arsen is a taller Boggan, with a thin frame. He has the same ghastly pale skin, with several grey bumps and boils covering it. His bug type would resemble more of a cricket with long limbs and large, yellow eyes. He has thick lines under his eyes and along his cheeks. He is only around thirty years old, but looks almost forty.


Arsen is a harsh and truthful person. He is a bit insensitive to others feelings when he tells them the truth. Arsen is up and most a coward, which is one of the reasons he remains hiding and instead chose to study and learn of medicine instead of fighting. However he is very bad at it, as most healing items seem to hurt Boggans rather than heal. He has killed more then he has helped and it has soured him, made him bitter and appear much older. He is curious about the Leafmen and their curing methods but is too stubborn and proud to go and ask for their help. He does hate the Leafmen and all of their kind, but could be open up if other Boggans asked about it. He isn’t sure what to think of Stompers, besides that they’re annoying and very loud.

Arsen is very loyal to his Boggan brethren. He will often act with distrust and hatred towards those of the Leafmen allegiance.