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Gender Male
Species Boggan-Stomper Hybrid
Origin Wrathwood
Occupation/Status Assassin/Prince (Hatehatch)
Age 16
Birthdate November 15
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Brown
Eyes Orange
Family Batra(mother)

Dagda(father) Mandrake(grandfather)
Xex (adoptive father)

Friends Strider(by creed only)

Boggans of Hatehatch

Enemies Those on his hitlist.
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In The Hatehatch Chronicles

Aengus  is an original character for the world of Epic, and the offspring of Batra and Dagda.


Well-learned and self-proclaiming self-efficiency, Aengus prefers his own company than that of the company of others. His cynical and general pessimistic point of view usually steer him away from the locks of friendship. Aengus is consumed by the thirst for answers, wanting to know all there is to know about himself and the world around him. He has a secret adoration for fine poetry, art, and song which he keeps hidden from others as to not show "soft emotion". His Princely duties are inherited only, not by conscious choice. Aengus views this responsibility as "shackles to ultimate self-servitude and damning curse to consumption of knowledge".

Although he doesn't admit it, Aengus is a narcissist, taking great pride and care to his physical appearance.

Aengus shows a possible interest in friendship when saving the lives of Strider (a work partner) and Swan (a personal rival) indicating that he may have a genuine care for people on a personal level that his personality and world view does not allow him to show face.




  • The song, 凌辱の雨 (Ryoujoku no Ame) by Dir en Grey was adopted as Aengus' Theme Song, which reflects the deterioration of his personality (mainly during and after the events of Hatehatch Chronicles Fissure.)
  • Aengus is named after the Irish god of love, youth, and poetic inspiration who was born of the Dagda. Aengus of the Epic figure, as well as the entire Chronicles, was presumably designed after this Irish mythology.